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Here at Zoe Coaching International, we offer 2 track options with our programs, Integration: which is best for existing business owners who are service-based providers and online providers looking to expand their business. Standard: This is best for those who are not existing business owners and are completely new to the industry. This program is available at 2 physical locations. 

To find out which certification route is best for you, schedule a FREE consultation below.


Program Tuition: *Payment Arrangements Available

New! Online Option $525 (Limited Time Only!)

Integration Track $995

Standard Track $1,500

Secure your spot for Our Online Intensive with a deposit of $263 Here

Tuition Covers:

Life Coaching Manual

Industry agreements/contracts Templates

Client/Coach Welcome Packet

In addition to your actual certification, You Get!: (For Standard Track students Only)


- 100 Biz Cards 

- Typography Logo

- 1 Promo e-flyer(to announce your new business or program)

- 1 Basic Branded Designed Website (domain and hosting not included)

- Email follow up sequence template


Module 1

The Foundation

-What is Coaching?

-Core Coaching Competencies

-The Mindset & Lifestyle of a Life Coach

-Choose Your Niche

-Develop your Client Avatar

Module 2

The Process

-Best Practices & Resources 

-Set Up & Integration

-Develop & Build your signature coaching program

module 3

the practice

-Listen in on  or watch live coaching (online track) sessions/calls

- Coach and be coached (In person track)

- Sign your first client

module 4

the business of coaching

-Coaches are Not Salesmen (Marketing for Coaches)

- Awareness & Visibility Strategies for Coaches

-Social Media for Coaches

-Funnel for Coaches 

-The Art of Copy for Coaches



Day 1  "The Foundation & The Process"

Check in 8:45 am

Class starts 8:55 am

Class ends 5:30 pm

* Module 1 & 2 are covered on Day 1


Break the Ice Students & Trainer


What is Life Coaching?


The Lifestyle & mindset of a Coach 


Core Coaching Competencies as identified by the International Coach Federation

  • Intake

  • Determining the client's goals

  • Setting goals

  • Guiding the client in creating a plan

  • Acknowledging the client and holding them accountable

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Identifying and removing blocks and limiting beliefs that keep the client from moving forward

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Managing the "Fixer" in you

  • Code of Ethics

  • Bridging The Gap

  • Follow-up

Choose your coaching niche and develop client avatar

Best Practices & Resources/ Set up & integration

Build your signature coaching program/service


*Peer Coaching-Several throughout the day


Day 2   " The Practice"

Check in 8:45 am

Class starts 8:55 am

Class ends 5:30 pm

Core Competencies & Fundamentals of Coaching continued...


Hands-on Coaching


Applying and using the Core Coaching Skills you have learned and build on what you already know

  • Coach live subjects while being observed by the trainers

  • Coach and be coached, while being guided and mentored by your trainer

  • Feedback from trainers 

  • Observe your instructor at a live coaching session

Peer Coaching-Several practice sessions and discussions about your learning and experience

Put it to the test! Sign your First Client

Day 3  "The Business of Coaching"

Check in 8:45 am

Class starts 8:55 am

Class ends 5:30 pm

Establishing yourself as a life coach



  • Marketing Materials

  • Online Presence

  • Designing a Practice

  • Dealing with the Money (Pricing & Budgeting)

  • Coaches are Not Salesmen (Marketing for Coaches)

  • Awareness & Visibility Strategies for Coaches

  • Social Media for Coaches

  • Funnel for Coaches 

  • The Art of Copy for Coaches

  • Building & practicing your elevator pitch

Final Peer Coaching Session





Receive your Certified Professional Life Coach certification from ZCI Academy!

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