President & Lead Instructor/Facilitator (Atlanta)

A.C.C, C.P.L.C

Robyn Robbins is a 5x award nominee, Bestselling Author, Certified Life Coach, International Speaker and Trainer. She is affectionately referred to as "The MidWife" because of her passion and proven track record to empower others to Give Birth to their dreams, goals & best version of themselves. Bringing 5 years of experience in coaching and  over 10 years of experience in business her desire is to ensure that our coaches are equipped with a solid foundation.


Zoe Coaching International is a reflection of just that. ZCI officially Launched March of 2019 to meet the needs of aspiring Life Coaches. Coach Robyn has a warm holistic yet direct approach.

Zoe Coaching International goal is to begin releasing specialty coaching certifications by the end of 2020


Dr. Sharice Bradford

Instructor/Facilitator  (Chicago)

BA, EdD,C.P.L.C ,MDiv

Dr. Sharice Bradford is a Relational Trauma Recovery Expert, hard working professional, blogger, consultant and life strategist.  Her life strategist work is focused on helping others to overcome relational trauma by showing them how to REcover, REdiscover and REdefine themselves.  Dr. Sharice is a multifaceted woman who works to educate, empower, inspire and motivate others.  Dr. Sharice is an educator at heart, but also a mentor, consultant and coach.  


Dr. Sharice has a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology, Master's of Divinity Degree, Certificates in Non-profit management, Health Policy and Administration and Social Media Management and Marketing.  She is also a certified Global Life Coach and the creative visionary behind several brands.  


Dr. Sharice is a native Chicagoan, where she resides.  She is an author, writer, editor, teacher and has contributed to many publications both locally and nationally.  

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Head of Admissions & Administration Department

Administration is here to welcome you and answer all of your questions. Scheduling and conducting information sessions for  aspiring coaches.