Here at Zoe Coaching International, we offer a speaker intensive for aspiring and new speakers that want to sharpen their skills & techniques to become the best speakers they possibly can.  You can select one day to attend or attend all 3 days. This intensive is currently only available in Georgia. 


Training Investment:

For Day 1 $108

For Day 2 $108

For Day 3 $497

For All 3 Days $697

Solidify your spot in your program of choice with a deposit of $108 Today Here

Speaker Training Intensive

Registration Covers:

Speaker Training Manual

Basic Industry agreements/contracts Templates

For and Additional Fee:

Speaker One sheet

Speaker Reel



Identify Your Message

On Day 1 you will find your unique voice, find and refine your message, learn how to build your speakers portfolio, and develop your dream audience avatar.



Speak Your Message

On Day 2 you will learn Speaking techniques, how to be memorable & how to craft a powerful keynote




Teach Your Message

On Day 3 you will learn how to flip your message 3 ways to create 3 additional streams of income.

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