Zoe is the greek word meaning life-alive-living, the absolute fullness of life


Zoe Coaching International, also known as ZCI Academy's vision is to be the leading institution for aspiring and newly certified coaches internationally. We Educate & Equip purpose-centered individuals who aspire to serve, empower, and assist humanity for the better.

We do this by offering complete curricula and resources teaching our students how to utilize their experiences and expertise to serve others. Our complete curricula sets us apart as other training focus on the skillset, legalities, and vaguely touch on the business aspect. Here at ZCI, we understand that both are equally needed to succeed in the industry. We provide resources to coaches who want to effectively build their practice. Providing world-class support to our graduates as they build their coaching practice through our mentorship and our Jumpstart Business Services. 


Our Values

God First, to honor & respect others in all that we do, no matter their background, walk of life, & or sexual orientation, serving with a true heart of servitude.


Our students are the center, all curriculum, training, resources, and opportunities are designed with the student needs in mind for efficiency and effectiveness.

Personal Excellence & Stewardship, we are committed to ongoing learning, training, and development in order to show up and serve our students at our best. Stewarding over ourselves first as well as this Academy.

Integrity & Fairness, we uphold the integrity & ethical work standards in all we do. We are committed to handling all matters with fairness, excellence, and professionalism.

Student Customer Service, to ensure a consistent, high-quality experience to all students and customers.


Improvement, we are dedicated to improving our institute by listening to student and or customer feedback and making the necessary adjustments.


* ZCI Academy is an ICF Applied School (in the process of accreditation)



Coaching Experience





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